Free Assessment Tools

Take the following free assessment tools to discover your psychology, personality, abilities and more.

Emotional Intelligence

This test is based on Goleman’s four-quadrant Emotional Intelligence Competency Model (2002). The one provided through the link is composed of 40 questions and takes 10 minutes to complete

The Big Five Personality Test for Professionals:

This personality test is a 50-question scale named after five traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. The traits, for the most part, tend to be stable from childhood to adulthood.

Leadership Competency Inventory

This 46-question inventory measures leadership skills as a function of four leadership dimensions: Information seeking, Conceptual thinking, Strategic orientation, and Service orientation.

Toronto Empathy Questionnaire (TEQ):

A 16-question, reliable, and valid instrument for empathy assessment.

The Enneagram Personality Test for Professionals:

This will help you understand how your Enneagram type drives your work style, teamwork, and leadership style.

Empathy Quotient (EQ)

A 60-item questionnaire to measure empathy in adults.

Wheel of Life Interactive Assessment:

Find out which areas of your life are most satisfying and which you would like to improve on from the time you do the assessment.

Personality Type Indicator (PTI)

This tool assesses the 4 dimensions of your Myers-Briggs Personality type. The 70-question scale will take you 10-15 minutes Answer the questions as “the way you are”, not “the way you would like to be seen by others” or “your future self”

Disclaimer: We do not have copyright authority over the instruments and cannot grant permission for use. Questionnaires are provided here solely as a courtesy to accompany automated scoring. Please contact the author of the questionnaire for use permissions.