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Why Settle for a Career That Doesn’t Fulfill You

Ever daydreamed about your ideal career? Picture this: waking up each day thrilled by your work, earning the income you deserve, and enjoying true happiness with your family.
I’ve been there, too, waking up early for a joyless job, wondering, “What’s it all for?” But here’s the good news: You don’t have to settle. You can change your path and turn your dream career into reality. I’m here to guide you.
Together, we will:

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Professional and Personal Growth?

Welcome to a transformative journey where your current profession will no longer limit you, and your life is about to hit an exciting, purpose-driven point.

This isn’t about making a few small tweaks here and there – we’re talking about a full-scale professional and personal transformation (while maintaining your wellbeing).

Renewed passion, an invigorating career, and achieving a level of self-fulfillment you’ve only ever dreamed of. Let’s turn what ‘might be’ into your new reality.

Career and Personal Development

Why Settle for a Career That Doesn’t Fulfill You

Why hire a career coach?

Waking up early, dedicating every effort, every minute, every bead of sweat to a career that doesn’t align with you.

You find yourself questioning “What is the purpose of all this?”

You’ve proven your dedication. Therefore, it’s not a question of your commitment.

It’s the quiet longing for something more… a yearning for something profoundly different. You crave a transformation that reflects who you truly are.

Rather than climbing the ladder, perhaps it’s time to build your own.

Meet Dr. Soliman - From Striving to Thriving

My Experience

I transitioned from pharmacy to biomedical research, earning a PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Toronto. Tragedy struck during my PhD when my advisor took his life due to severe depression, igniting my desire to become a physician. I pursued a medical degree at Cornell, completed an MBA in healthcare economics, and faced challenges, including financial struggles and the pandemic. I persisted, creating the Dr. Soliman brand with a YouTube channel and Thrive podcast, becoming a certified life coach, and eventually returning to medical school.
Now, as a physician and life and career coach, I blend my academic background to help you build and transform your life. With my unique medical perspective, I understand human behavior, motivation, health, and work-life balance challenges. I also empathize with the stress, anxiety, and health issues that can impact performance and relate to your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

Core Pillars

The 3 Core Pillars of The Program


The Initial Discovery Process

Assess your current career and life, architect your ideal future self, and set guiding goals to reach your potential.



Transform your thinking to reshape behaviors and build lasting, positive habits. Master time management, strategically plan long-term goals without undermining short-term ones, and learn to recalibrate your lifestyle for greater flexibility.


Maintenance (Victory)

Sustain your newly built habits beyond the initial 'honeymoon' phase. Continue your upward spiral by setting fresh goals that constantly propel your career forward.

Testimonial and Awards

See what people, who were once in your position, had to say.

The Choice is Yours

The Transformation Trifecta

Your career should be more than just a job, rather a reflection of your identity, your dreams, and your purpose.

There is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder, which is why the focus of my coaching is beyond your career. Here’s where the Transformation Trifecta comes into play.

The Transformation Trifecta transcends coaching. This is about becoming your best self and building the best quality life. This is self-actualization.

Personal Growth

Cultivate Your Brilliance: Nurture Personal Growth and Flourish with the Mentorship of Dr Soliman.

Self Awareness

Discover Your True Self: Embark on a Journey of Self Awareness and Empowerment with Me.

Leadership Skills

Forge Fearless Leaders: Ignite Your Leadership Potential with me.

Start Living Your Ideal Life Today

Let me help you develop the right mindset, mental tools and action plan, so you can also build a life and career you love.