About Me


My professional journey began as a pharmacist, but I felt limited and desired more. I then pursued a master’s degree in biochemistry and later a PhD in molecular genetics. However, my PhD advisor’s tragic suicide changed my perspective, leading me to pursue a medical degree at Cornell University to become a physician.

During this time, I faced challenges with finances and uncertainty, especially with the pandemic affecting job opportunities. In response, I created the “Dr. Soliman” brand, starting a YouTube channel and the “Thrive” podcast. I also became a certified life coach and, alongside my medical career, built a successful career as a physician and a life and career coach, utilizing my academic background and experiences to help others transform their lives.

Dr Soliman

Dr. Soliman MD, MBA, PhD.

Academics and Awards



Academics and Awards



Core Pillars

The 3 Core Pillars of The Program


The Initial Discovery Process

Assess your current career and life, architect your ideal future self, and set guiding goals to reach your potential.



Transform your thinking to reshape behaviors and build lasting, positive habits. Master time management, strategically plan long-term goals without undermining short-term ones, and learn to recalibrate your lifestyle for greater flexibility.


Maintenance (Victory)

Sustain your newly built habits beyond the initial 'honeymoon' phase. Continue your upward spiral by setting fresh goals that constantly propel your career forward.

Start Living Your Ideal Life Today

Let me help you develop the right mindset, mental tools and action plan, so you can also build a life and career you love.