Education and Certification

  • Certified Life Coach – ICF & CCA
  • MD. Cornell University
  • MBA. Cornell University
  • PhD. University of Toronto

My Background

I am ICF-certified life coach. I had dedicated mentors and coaches in my professional life who guided me through my career. I would like to be the same for professionals who aspire to reach their full potential and become the best they could be. My clients are professionals with advanced degrees who appreciate independence in decision-making and who seek coaching to gain confidence, resilience and reach their envisioned career.

My passion for coaching started when I was in high school reading personal development and psychology books, a passion that continued throughout my life. An innate curiosity led me to a long research career, where I pursued my doctoral work in Genetics under the direct supervision of a Nobel prize candidate. During my research years, I had observed bright minds struggling with – and lost to – behavioral health challenges. Losing one of my research advisors to depression was a life-changing event. Combined with my longitudinal interest in psychology, I became curious about the mind-brain-body connection and decided to switch careers to become a psychiatrist.

During my medical training years at Cornell University in New York City, I did psychiatry internships at Yale-New Haven Hospital and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. These experiences refined my active learning skills. I learned evidence-based coping and resilience skills.

It was during my medical training that I realized my need for formal training in leadership and management to be able to lead healthcare teams. This led to another unexpected turn in my career where I pursued MBA at Cornell University with a focus on leadership and management. I was not surprised that human behavior was at the core of almost every consulting or management course. In the end, all our human endeavors are meant to fulfill our desires to become the best we could.